Brett grew up in the wondrous city of Boise, Idaho. At the age of six, he began taking classical piano lessons. After competing in various competitions and festivals for nearly six years, Brett started to tire of classical music and began discovering his own musical tastes. When hearing Primus for his first time, he was amazed by the very unique sounds that Les Claypool was getting out of the bass guitar. Brett then quit his piano instruction and started playing the electric bass in rock groups he created with his friends, as well as playing the upright bass in the school orchestra from 6th-12th grade.

Brett often jammed and wrote music with his friends throughout junior high and high school. These experiences really solidified his sense of time, his listening capabilities, and his improvisation. Brett also taught himself guitar, drums, and deeper concepts of the piano within this time. While never having extensive private lessons on either the upright or electric bass, Brett decided to venture to Portland State University in 2007 to study jazz performance.

While attending PSU, Brett studied the upright bass with Dan Schulte and Glen Moore (from world renowned jazz group Oregon), as well as the electric bass with Damian Erskine. He also studied composition, arranging, and improvisation with Charley Gray, Darrell Grant, and Alan Jones. He has performed in musicals put on by Stumptown Productions, Triangle Productions, and the JANE Theater company, as well as performing at many venues in Idaho, Oregon, California, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado with various bands.

Brett toured with Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside in the summer of 2009, opening for The Avett Brothers seven times in three different states. This was an eye-opening experience for Brett as he finally (yet briefly) got to experience life on the road as a professional musician for the first time.

Brett graduated Portland State in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Performance. He is currently performing with his own groups, Brett’s House Party, The Brett McConnell Lovetet, as well as B.A.R.N., Aniana, Fresh Track, the Asher Fulero Band, and occasionally many other Portland bands. He also runs his own horn-driven Guns N’ Roses tribute group titled Funk N’ Roses.

Brett is available for performing, recording, arranging, composing, transcribing, and scoring. He is able to perform on guitar and lap steel guitar, and is also a lighting designer and laserist, most known for his work with Yak Attack from 2013-2019.










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