The Brett McConnell Lovetet


The Brett McConnell Lovetet is an instrumental funk/jazz project that performs original compositions by Brett McConnell, Kyle Owen, and Kyle Smith. The group also plays fresh arrangements of jazz standards, as well as choice covers by modern jazz artists such as the Brian Blade Fellowship Band and Aaron Parks.

The project essentially started as Brett’s senior recital band¬†at Portland State University and has continued to evolve into a group with a sizable repertoire. The Lovetet has performed a handful of shows each year for the last three years. You are sure to witness an entirely different show each time, whether it be repertoire, setlist, or even instrumentalists! When the Lovetet isn’t performing, the band members collaborate in many other projects together, creating a stronger bond of musical telepathy each time the band unites to perform.

On June 19th, 2014, the Lovetet had the amazing opportunity to open up for Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood at the Athletic Club of Bend in Bend, OR as a part of the Peak Summer Nights music series. Download the whole set here: View the whole set below.

The Core of the Lovetet:

Brett McConnell – Electric and upright bass, lap steel guitar
Kyle Owen – Drums
Kyle Smith – Guitars

Members of the Lovetet Family:

Willie Matheis – Tenor saxophone
Marc Hutchinson – Tenor saxophone
Morgan Herst (RIP) – Tenor saxophone
Dave Dernovsek – Piano, keyboards
Josh Lava – Piano, keyboards
Matt Tabor – Piano
Nick Werth – Drums
Mitch Wilson – Drums
Eric Gold – Drums
Jon Shaw – Electric and upright bass

“Farb” (Opening up for MSMW)

“McPorter” (Opening up for MSMW)

“Saturn Dreamz” (Opening up for MSMW)

“Most Precious One” (Opening up for MSMW)

“Orc Bane” (Opening up for MSMW)

“Orc Bane” (Performed at the Camellia Lounge)

“Most Precious One (Prodigy)” (Performed at Jimmy Mak’s)

“Karma” w/ Bass Solo (Performed at the Alhambra Theater)

“Inner Urge” Pt. 1 (Performed at the Camellia Lounge)

“Inner Urge” Pt. 2 (Performed at the Camellia Lounge)

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