For videos of Shafty (Portland’s Tribute to Phish), check out these channels:

Bass Solo – “Dre Day”:

PSU Senior Recital (Jazz Set)

PSU Senior Recital (Funk Set)

Philly’s Phunkestra – “Tune 88” (Bass Solo)

Philly’s Phunkestra – “Tune 88” (Bass Duel w/ Damian Erskine)

Philly’s Phunkestra – “Beidron” (Bass Solo)

Philly’s Phunkestra – “Farb” (original composition)

PSU Junior Recital – “Semos”

PSU Junior Recital – “The Barber” (original composition)

PSU Junior Recital – “Giant Panda” (original composition)

PSU Junior Recital – “The Romantic Warrior” Pt. 1

PSU Junior Recital – “The Romantic Warrior” Pt. 2

The Brett McConnell Lovetet – “Karma” (Bass Solo)

The Brett McConnell Lovetet – “Most Precious One (Prodigy)”

The Brett McConnell Lovetet – “Little Sunflower”

The Brett McConnell Lovetet – “Memories Of My Father”

Brett playing Phish’s “Horn” on lap steel guitar

Brett playing lap steel guitar w/ Yak Attack



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